7 Must See Giant Balls of Yarn

While the topic of giant balls of yarn is not interesting to everyone, though interesting enough to link to this page, it can be, and is, interesting to some and a passion for such things is enough to motivate someone to pack up the RV and head across the country searching for the cotton filled textile. But the real key is to find your passion and use that as a theme for your travel. I promise, it will get you traveling more.


Pick a travel theme

Focus on something that you really enjoy. This could be a sport, an artist, a band, or something as trivial as a superhuman accomplishment of making an enormous, yet seemingly useless, sphere of the crocheting material. The what only needs to matter to you, and be something you are passionate enough about that it takes some priority in your life already. If you are a football buff, being motivated to visit Boston or Dallas is more likely than Anaheim or Orlando. If you are a roller coaster fiend, San Antonio or Tampa might be more your speed. The best part is that once you are there, there is plenty more to explore.


Explore ways to travel your passion

What does that mean, ‘Travel Your Passion’?  An easy example would be to decide to visit every NFL stadium. This goal could be the focus of one long road trip, or your next 32 summer vacations.  But setting a determined goal will give you the focus.

A harder example would be to focus on an artist or band who is no longer living (or touring etc.)  With some research, there is still much that one can find to focus on. Visit birthplaces, venues, or museums which pay tribute.  Doing this may also help you learn more about a person.

While studying abroad in France, I had planned to take a trip into a very small town in Switzerland to visit a house where a favorite philosopher of mine wrote one of his seminal works. When mentioning this to one of my teachers while in Nice, I discovered that the subject of my excursion also kept a home in Nice where he frequently resided and wrote. Some research before leaving could have further helped focus my travel itinerary and needless to say I was elated to discover this additional residence of a philosopher I extol.

Downtown Seattle Safeco CenturyLink Fields

Safeco Field and The CLink, Seattle

With destinations in mind…go and plan

It seems nearly everybody wants to visit the romantic cities of Europe or scaling to the stratosphere on the worlds highest peaks. We often over glamorize these destinations when in reality, any destination, when appreciated with the proper perspective, can be just as impressive as that picnic sous la Tour Eiffel.

But a trip to visit the city of iconic Wrigley and Soldier fields and perhaps catch a game to see Da Bears can be equally balanced with world class theater or an exploration on the history of organized crime. A visit to speed around on roller coasters in San Antonio could also facilitate a stop at one of the worlds most visited attractions. As a challenge, open another browser tab–after you finish reading this and sharing to your favorite social media site of course–and look for cultural venues or entertainment in your own town. Plan to go somewhere or tour something you know nothing about.  This will give greater appreciation for what any destination can offer.

Monte Carlo

Monoco–Home to Millionaires and Le Grand Prix

Japanese Gardens Monoco

And Home to Wonderful Japanese Gardens

Over to you

Tell us about a time you traveled to visit something you are passionate about but also discovered something your travel companion wanted to see or something you didn’t know was there.

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