Shanghai, China: Photo By used under CC license.

Travel to modern Shanghai where there is no shortage of amazing places to visit and things to do. From Disney to the Circus and from sacred temples to amazing parks and bamboo forests there are sure to be lots of options to entertain a variety of tastes. Deals are from a number of US cities including Salt Lake, Dallas, Minneapolis, Charlotte, and Atlanta on both Delta and American for as low as $433 for most midweek departures through mid April. Lowest prices require 120 day advance booking but there are many dates showing greatly discounted prices. No official time frame on booking this deal so only can say it should last till the end of the day and perhaps part of tomorrow 10/11-10/12 2017.

Booking Recommendations: Use Google Flights to search your desired itinerary and find dates that coincide with the sale. Once you have found your flight, I recommend booking with the airline directly to make best use of their internal benefits such as smartphone check in and baggage tracking. If you are unsure the dates will work, book using Orbitz or Expedia as they will let you cancel up until 11 p.m. ET the next day, giving you time to confirm schedules and time off. Always best to book immediately even when you are unsure as prices and seats do not always last long on flash sales.

Deadline to Book








Sample Fares:

Salt Lake to Shanghai April 4 – April 12 2018 American:

 Charlotte to Shanghai March 2 – March 12 2018 Delta:

Also with option to upgrade to Delta Comfort+ for just $278RT per person.

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